Bikaner Namkeen

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Bikaji Shakkar para and Bikaji Bhakar wadi(Sweet kin)
Shakkar para: Fine flour sugar sticks.Bhakarwadi: Fine flour stuffed small rounds.Hygenicall..
Bikaji Sab Kuch
A mouth watering blend of spicy, lentils, peanuts and rice flakes is made of tasty ingredients, grea..
Bikaji Sab Kuch and dli khush Papad
Bikaji Sab Kuch and dli khush Papad. Sab Kuch combo: A mouth-watering blend of spicy lentils, peanut..
Bikaji Sadabahar soan papdi
Ethnic flaky sweets with pistachio & almonds is made of tasty ingredients, great-tasting, high-q..
Bikaji Soya Sticks(Masala Munch)
Includes pack of 2. Tasty, crispy & spicy extruded soya snack. Satisfy your hunger with..
Bikaji Tana bana
Includes pack of 2. A mouth watering sweet and sour mix of lentil shreds, chick peas, rice flakes, b..
Bikaji Tana Tan
Crunchy potato shreds flavoured with mango, chilli and exotic spices is made of tasty ingredients, g..
Ratlami Chatpata Sev
Includes pack of 2. Crispy and fried gram flour sticks. Made of gram flour, these crispy fried stick..

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