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Chocolate Petha

Chocolate Petha
Product Code: PW1010
Availability: In Stock
Seller: Pethawala
Seller Location: Agra

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The most sought-after Petha nowadays. Favorite amongst young and old alike. Chocolate Petha offered by the famous Pethawala of Agra for chocolate lovers. Chocolate  is used as a topping on the Petha that gives a distinct taste that will lure you to have more and more. A layer of dark chocolate at the top makes it exemplary in taste and health and is widely delighted by young people. Our Chocolate Petha forms one of the best barfi made out of Petha, and thus is widely liked by all.

A juicy Petha dipped in sucrose and chocolate layer over it brings about unmatched quality and purity in taste. It is one of the largest selling variety of Agra's Petha. This Petha is flavoured with Kewda essence is one of the best variation of Agra's most famous sweet tempting dessert. Not only is it delicious and contains fruit fiber, it is also very healthy. Petha contains iron, calcium, sulfur, and Vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as protein.

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