Mini Kodbale
Rings of heaven .... It may look small but it is packed with quite a Punch . M..
Mini Palak Chakkli
Great combination of Chakli and Palak which makes everybody's mouth water for ..
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Bitter Gourd Chips
This is most spicy a snack can ever get . This has a thick coating of chilly p..
Butter Murukku
whether you are 3 or 30 you cant resist the classic taste of this good ol..
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Onion Murukku
Added spices and onion flavour brings in a whole new flavour in this Benne Mur..
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Sweet potato chips(finger chips)
Made from Sweet potato this snack is perfect for kids .These sweet..
Garlic Murukku
Eat it once, you want it more it is so tasty the classic murukku with a flavor twist of garlic,..
Rs.165.00 Rs.125.00
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Ellu Bella
Ellu Bella is made during Sankranthi festival in Karnataka and parts of Maharashtra and distrib..
Mysore Pak
Mysore pak is a rich sweet dish prepared in Ghee, from Southern India, usually served as dessert. It..
Based on 3 reviews.
Banana Chips Long - Salted
The well known Banana wafers from gods own country Kerala, a must-try snack goes well with the ..
Jackfruit Chips Salted
A must-try snack goes well with the evening chai.Ingredients : JackFruit, edible veget..
Jackfruit Chips Hot
A Must try Spicy Snack.Ingredients: Jackfruit,Edible vegitable oil,salt and spices. ..
Chutney pudi
Chutney Pudi is a combination of roasted dals, coconut, dry red chillies and garlic into coconut . ..