Figs N Date Health Bar (4 Bars)
A great source of fibre and full of vitamins and minerals! Deal with hunger like a boss by having a ..
Almond Health Bar (4 Bars)
IngredientsHoney, Peanuts, Almonds, Coconut powder, Raisins, Rice Crispies, Emuslifier (Soy Leci..
Walnut Crunch Health Bar (4 Bars)
IngredientsMaltitol Syrup, Peanut, Fructo Oligo Sachhirides, Walnut, Cashew, Rice Crispies, Gold..
Dried Cranberries (150 gm)
Sweet and tart sliced cranberries are great for snacking, mixing into yogurt or cereal, or even baki..
Dried Kiwi (150 gm)
Shelf Life6 MonthsHealth BenefitsBoosts your immune system. Highly rich in Vitamin C; h..
Dried Mango (150 gm)
Our dried mango is a true tropical delight. Moist, sweet and simply delicious, these dried mango sli..
Mix Friut Chaat (150 gm)
All the superhero fruits combine with all their powers to give you an unbeatable fruity experience. ..
Pudina Makhana (83 gm)
Popped To Perfection With The Hint Of Mint, Our Roasted Pudina Makhana Is A Snack High In Protein, F..
Jalapeno Makhana (83 gm)
Dare you to eat just one! Easy to digest  with high nutritional benefits are our tasty Jalapeno..
Cheese Makhana (83 gm)
Gluten free roasted makhana seasoned with cheeseflavor. Among the most nutritious nuts in the world...
Seven Seeds Mix (150 gm)
IngredientsSesame Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Flax Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, 2 Sunflower Seeds, Musk Me..
Spicy Lemony ChickPeas (140 gm)
Packed with protein and fiber, These Chickpeas are transformed into an addictive snack when cooked t..
Roasted Soyanuts Wasabi (200 gm)
You can add this as a side dish to your lunch, evening snack or dinner to make it extra healthy!..
Barbeque Almonds (70 gm)
Almonds are the everyday snack food of champions, and these barbeque roasted almonds are the most am..
Peri Peri Almonds (120 gm)
Almonds are roasted and seasoned with spicy hot flavors, so delicious that you wouldn't want to put ..
Sugarfree Power Mix (140 gm)
This diverse mix of nuts is a great way to get a wide range of protective nutrients. Mix Nut Chaat a..
Peri Peri Sweet Potato Chips (91 gm)
A little sweet, a little chatpat, FabBox brings you the nutritional values of sweet potatoes with th..
Choco Chip Banana Cookies (220 gm)
Crispy on the outside and softer towards the middle, they may look fancy but they’re super yummy and..
Belgian Chocolate Cookies (220 gm)
Say Hi to Heaven! Here are some exquisite Belgian Chocolate made cookies with 0 Transfat in it! Yaay..
High Protein Nacho Rings (215 gm)
Experience your favourite Nachos just got an upgrade into a healthy and a yummy form! ..
Mexican Quinoa Chips (160 gm)
Say Cheeeese! The boring super-grain is now the Sexy quinoa! Crunch on to your favourite Mexican fla..
Peri Peri Okra Chips (70 gm)
These light & crunchy okra chips are a deliciously unique snack. Dried okra with Spicy taste, se..
Salsa Sweet Potato Chips (85 gm)
FabBox brings you the nutritional values of sweet potatoes with the yummy quotient of chips, To Be H..
Green Chilli Cashews (70 gm)
Roasted Cashews married to Green Chillies. Lip-smacking good! Feel the heat & set your taste bud..
Tangy Barbeque Makhana (83 gm)
seasoned with barbeque flavour. Nose tingling barbeque coated crispy makhanas spicy seasoning on cri..

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