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Almondy Choco Pops
These almond pops are packed with the delightful zest of chocolate and paired with the richness of d..
Almondy Pops
Almondy PopsA gym workout can be exhausting and it’s important to fuel up after one. Treat yours..
Chocolaty Oat N Nut Crunch
Only those with a sweet tooth will know how a craving can easily be triggered by even the aroma of a..
Flaxseeds and Nuts Olio
Crunchy nuts, velvety dates, goodness of flaxseeds and honey to sweeten the medley! Doesn’t it sound..
Nuts N Dates Laddu
You are running against deadlines and that to-do list just doesn’t seem to shrink? Well, you need a ..
Nuts N Dates with Choco Twist
Are you low on energy and grouchy as well? They say chocolate can lift your mood! Gobble on these co..
Oat N Nut Crunch
Trying to fight food cravings as weight loss is on your mind? Skipping meals is not the way to go. S..
Ragi N Dry Fruit Balls
Our Ragi Dry fruit Balls are a perfect blend of taste and health. The crunchiness of dry fruits and ..
Ragi Peanut Nibble
Work pressure, deadlines to meet, and no time to look after ourselves- that’s the harsh reality of l..