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Roasted Quinoa Masala (Pack of 3)

Roasted Quinoa Masala (Pack of 3)
Product Code: ES15
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Seller: Evolve snacks
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Package ContentRoasted Quinoa Masala (Pack of 3) | 240 Grams |

Evolve's high-in-protein Roasted Quinoa Masala flavour snack is made from the MOTHER OF ALL GRAINS i.e. "Quinoa" which contains all essential 9 amino acids. This nutritious, on-the-go snack can be your "tasty protein" pick-me-up snack. Enjoy it guilt-free as it has ZERO PERCENT CHOLESTEROL & ZERO PERCENT TRANS FAT.


Cholesterol free.
Good for the heart.
Helps in reducing weight.

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