Gulab Laddu Petha
A fibrous petha filled with gulkand on the inside and sprinkled with extensive coconut flakes on the..
Farsi Puri
Farsi Puri gets its name from the Gujarati word 'Farsi' which means crispy. It is a classic Gujarati..
Manchurian Trikon
Unique and popular corn snack, triangular shaped and manchurian flavoured...
Badam Chikki
Traditional Indian ready to eat brittle square bars of almonds on base of sugar and jaggery. (750 gm..
Rs.1,211.00 Rs.1,090.00
Red Peanuts
peanuts are one of the most important snack and are kn..
Black Pepper (2 packets)
Best quality Makhana roasted in Black Pepper. It can also be enjoyed during fasting as it is made in..
Hazelnut Fudge Moddys
A soft creamy preparation made of sugar, butter, milk, Chocolate and Hazelnut ..
Health Cookies and dryfruits-Diwali special
This combo includes Bikano Multi Grain Cookies(150 gm), and Healthy Oat Meal Cookies (150 gm), Almon..
Rs.1,167.00 Rs.1,050.00
Mini Masala Samosa
Spicy and crispy triangles stuffed with dry mixture of crushed gathiya & spices is a perfect lig..
Moongadi Khakhra (10 pieces)
Nourishing yellow split lentils loaded with proteins and dietary fibre make these homemade wheat cri..
Velvety smooth truffle made with Italian Coffee and Cream Cheese filled in a Chocolate shell. ..
Peanut Chikki
Traditional Indian ready to eat brittle square bars of Peanuts on base of sugar and jaggery. (750 gm..
Rs.833.00 Rs.750.00
Ribbon Pakodi
Ribbon Pakoda is a popular tea time snack in India . it is also known as Murukku or nada thenku..
Salted Pistachios
Pistachios are tiny, but pack a powerful nutritional punch which are good at breakfast time.&nb..
Delight Full Treat Diwali Combo
Delightful Treat is a truly delightful combination of the Haldiram’s Namkeen snacks and sweets that ..
Mawa Barfi White
Milk, Sugar and Dryfruits cooked to perfection to make your favourite Traditional Mawa barfi. ..
Rs.479.00 Rs.431.10
Kaju Kalash-Diwali special
Pure kaju Delicacy in the shape of traditional kalash garnished with almonds, and pistachios flakes...
Rs.1,522.00 Rs.1,370.00
Dryfruit Orange Melba Mithai
Cashewnut, Sugar,Permitted Colors and Silver Leaves.  ..
Rs.689.00 Rs.620.10