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    Sev Raita

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    Ratlami sev is very famous savour snack from the city of Ratlam in madhya pradesh. This tasty sev is made from the gram flour, pepper, chilli powder, and is very well known for its spiciness. The ratlami sev is now available in most of the supermarkets in india and is also exported abroad....



    This delicious raita is very easy to prepare and taste quite different to taste buds.. The only difference is that this is a bit and sev itself has spice that add the uniqueness to this raita.....The real tastemaker for this Ratlami sev raita is the chopped coriander, mint, curry leaves....That gives really nice flavour to raita..



    These yogurt based side dishes are so easy to make and counter balance the indian cuicine quite well.. This type of raita is usually made in northern states of rajasthan and gujarat...Let's quickly check the Ratlami sev raita recipe... 


    Prepatation time : 10 mins

    Making time : 2 mins

    Serve - 2 




    Ratlami sev - 1/2 cup

    Curd - 1 cup

    Mint leaves - few (chopped)

    Coriander leaves / cilantro - few (chopped)

    Curry leaves - few (chopped)

    Salt - 1 tspn


    METHOD :



    • In a mixing bowl add chopped coriander, mint curry leaves and mix well
    • Add in salt, thick yogurt and mix well.
    • Mix ratlami sev in the yogurt and serve as sidedish..




    Take your ingredients

    In a mixing bowl add in coriander, mint, curry leaves 

    Add in salt

    Add in yogurt

    Now let's start to mix


    Add in Ratlami sev

    Mix evenly

    It's done




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